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Why You Need To Use Newline Interactive IP Series Interactive Touch Display At The Office

Improving the way people operate in the office, digital technology is continuously shifting. As companies become more innovative and tech savvy, devices are constantly taking over the work world. When it comes to enhancing the workplace, one of the technologies that may have been overlooked is the interactive display board. For whatever reason, its ability to enhance business meetings and other workspace applications hasn’t always been considered. However, options such as the Newline Interactive IP Series interactive touch display can offer a plethora of benefits to any company above and beyond innovation. Let’s take a look at how using interactive touch displays – specifically, the Newline Interactive IP Series interactive touch display – can benefit the workplace.

Why You Need To Use Newline Interactive IP Series Interactive Touch Display At The Office

Flexibility and Mobile Conductivity

You’ll have no problem connecting your interactive board to all Android and iOS smart devices – if you’re using the right hardware – with a single app. What does that mean for your business? You will now have a greater range of interconnectivity and data sharing. Who wants to be limited by a lack of resources? Remember, however, that when making the choice to use an interactive touch display, you must match your business to the right product.

Simplify Presentations and Communication

Does your audience struggle to write down the notes they require, and do they have trouble keeping up with power points? Rather than having your meeting audience become frustrated, using various convenient media tools, you can more effectively present information with interactive display boards. But wait, there’s more! Because you are going digital, you can now have the capability to take important points, screenshot them, and then – to whomever you please – email them!

Enhance Your Meetings

In your meetings, are you looking for feedback? Have you been dealing with presentations that are simply demonstrated via PowerPoint or whiteboard? Those are one-way meetings. You need more. With any and all information being discussed/presented, interactive display boards allow everyone to engage equally. Different tools can be utilized by participants, edits can be done to the presentations, and files are shareable.

Newline Interactive IP Series Interactive Touch Display

Designed to help eliminate network security worries, the Newline Interactive IP Series Interactive Touch Display is an Ultra-HD, all in one, interactive touch display. Essential for conducting quality, it uses a Linux operating system for more secure presentations and meetings.

The IP Series Interactive Touch Display is an Ultra-HD offering a smarter camera system, a natural and smooth interactive experience, access to OPS ports, stronger security, better control, and so much more.

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