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What Can Wide Format Printers Do For Specific Industries During COVID-19?

In the post COVID-19 world of social distancing guidelines, it is more important than ever before for your posters to get the job done. Visually appealing, attention grabbing posters can be printed with the help of wide format printers. As opposed to standard printers which are more useful for printing multiple copies of flyers and pamphlets, wide format printers come with the advantage of producing printouts ranging from two to fifteen feet wide. Furthermore, the image quality you get from wide format printers is superior as they often make use of advanced microscopic ink droplets to ensure consistent color reproduction as well as enhanced color performance. 

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In this article, we will be sharing more on how specific industries can benefit from wide format printers during COVID-19, with the heightened need to observe safety precautions. 


Many people may be under the mistaken impression that only retail shops have the need for wide format printers due to the marketing campaigns needed. While this may be the most common reason retailers use wide format printers, COVID-19 safety guidelines have meant that shops need to ensure customers are keeping an appropriate distance from each other, masking up and taking precautions like sanitizing their hands before entering the premises. Here is where wide format printers come in: it is impossible for customers to miss a huge poster listing all the mandatory actions they must take. 


It is no secret that the entire healthcare industry has been working overtime ever since the breakout of COVID-19. Even during regular times, good signage is required in healthcare facilities to provide medical information and direct patients to the appropriate departments. Now more than ever, healthcare facilities should make use of wide format printers to ensure that patients know exactly where to go and what to do upon entering the premises.

Dining and Entertainment 

Depending on the guidelines of your area, you may be able to go out and enjoy a lovely meal or movie. However, one thing that is consistent is that things aren’t the same as they were before COVID-19. You may be able to entertain guests in your restaurant or cinema, but certain precautions such as leaving a table in between groups as well as sanitizing hands are a must. To make sure guests are in no doubt as to what’s required of them, make use of a wide format printer to design and print posters reminding them of their obligations. 

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