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Using Google Connector on a Kyocera Copier

Kyocera’s business application department has developed a HyPAS enabled app that seamlessly integrates with your Google Gmail account. Using Google Connector can increase workflow and increase productivity of your employees, while accessing all of the features that are standard in a desktop environment.


Using Google Connector you can:

  • Preview and Browse email
  • Access Calendar and Events
  • Print emails, calendar events, and PDF attachments for hard copy reference

As you can see having such a valuable tool will enable your users to be more productive and also have multiple access points to their Google accounts.  With a simple interface icon placed on the home screen of the copier/MFP, users can enter their Google credentials, pass a security check, and have complete access to their accounts.

  • Real-time account access
  • Preview and Browse multiple accounts
  • Compose email
  • Print email and attachments
  • View Calendar
  • Print calendar events
  • Attach files directly from the Kyocera copier/MFP

Kyocera has made a huge investment in their Business Applications division. They are constantly working on improving the apps they currently offer while also developing new applications that will help improve office workflow and efficiency.  Having the powerful combination of a reliable copier/MFP with “in-house” development of software and business applications, make Kyocera the perfect choice for any business.

If you need additional assistance using Google Connector by Kyocera, please feel free to contact us for a complete tutorial and installation assistance.

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