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The 3 most important things to remember when upgrading your color printer.

Is it time to upgrade your color printer? Are you confused about all the choices out there and how to sift through the jargon? Don’t be. It really is as simple as knowing these three simple things.

upgrading your color printer
  1. Size right! No, not the physical size of the color printer itself, but more of a “correct sizing” of the printer’s capacity.  Understanding your needs as it relates to a monthly volume and upgrading your color printer will be much more relaxed than tense. Keeping in mind that a ream of paper is 500 sheets, ask yourself how many reams will I print per month. It doesn’t matter whether your answer is 1 or 10, knowing the answer is far more valuable to your decision. What do you do with that information? Well, that’s easy! Contact your local authorized office equipment dealer and they can transform those numbers into the proper equipment when upgrading your color printer.  Purchasing or leasing a color printer that is not sized correctly for your needs is like buying a pickup truck to haul the load of a semi-truck.  Not sizing correctly will create a situation where you are just upgrading your color printer more frequently.
  2. Know the cost of operation! Too often when upgrading your color printer you can be lulled into a cheap price for the printer itself. Have you ever purchased a printer and the first time you require an ink refill you discover the cost of the ink is more expensive than the initial cost of the color printer? You know you have done this! As a general rule of thumb, ink-based printers are cheaper to buy but far more expensive to run. Alternatively, toner-based machines cost more but are much cheaper to operate. This is where taking the time to research the many options available along with taking a hard look at the supply costs could save you thousands of dollars of the life of the color printer. Again, finding the right office equipment provider can be such a valuable asset when upgrading your color printer.
  3. Purchase a service contract. Let’s face the facts, if you upgrade your color printer and have any plans to keep it for the long haul, something is going to break or wear out. Having a service contract with a reliable office equipment company will make those minor inconveniences much easier to deal with. Some providers will even offer an all-inclusive plan that includes not only any of the parts and labor but also the ink/toner all packaged into a single monthly payment. By keeping your color printer in tip-top shape and using OEM supplies will ensure a long happy life for your new color printer.

When upgrading your color printer, it is not always about the manufacturer that you choose, but more about the manufacturer’s representative that you purchase or lease from. Most manufacturers today build a quality color printer. Find the right vendor and you have found the secret sauce to a long happy life with your new color printer.

upgrading your color printer

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