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Understanding Kyocera tiered color processing


What is Kyocera Tiered Color?

As the pricing of color copiers continues to drop as the market brings more choices, it is necessary to keep the cost of ownership in check. What is tiered color by Kyocera and how can it save me money?


First, let’s take a brief look at what exactly is in a “click” charge. Every time your copier produces a piece of paper with any writing on it, then you are charged for that output. This meter is used to determine the amount of money you are charged by your copier vendor. For an in depth look at a page charge, see this blog post.

The problem to this point is that there was no effective way to monitor the actual usage. The charges would be the same whether you reproduced a page with a simple logo or a full color brochure. The balance of trying to charge a cost per page that would balance the usage was left to the law of averages. When that system fails it becomes problematic in producing an invoice that is both fair to both parties.

The solution is here! Kyocera tiered color will solve the old problems of guessing utilization or having to rely on some haphazard averaging scheme. Now, the Kyocera TASKalfa series will monitor the coverage percentage of toner placed on a page and offer independent meter readings based on those percentages.

What does this mean for you?

A billing system that charges you levels (tiered color) that makes it much more economical for those end users that are only utilizing “light” color consumption. Now the servicing vendor will be able to invoice customers for as little as $0.03 per page on Tier 1, up to $0.07 on Tier 3 will make it far more affordable to make color presentations more affordable to the masses.

What if I only print brochures with heavy color, will I be penalized?

Absolutely not! The maximum negotiated charge will stay consistent. By having the ability to produce prints with either “light or “heavy” color still remains in YOUR control, this just gives user’s additional options.

Tiered Color by Kyocera is an industry specific technology that no other manufacturer is able to offer at this time. They have made the investment in their technology to offer the end users a lower cost of ownership by being able to segment the usage and protect your right to the most economical output available.

Kyocera Tiered Color – Level 1 Sample:

Kyocera Tiered Color – Level 2 Sample:

Kyocera Tiered Color – Level 3 Sample:

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