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Top Tips To Install The HyPAS Business App On Your Kyocera Printer

Own a Kyocera printer but are unsure how you should install the HyPAS business app on it? Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow in order to install the app on your printer.

Kyocera HyPAS Technology

What is a HyPAS Business App?

HyPAS is the short form for Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions, and it powers Kyocera business apps. HyPAS is a platform developed by Kyocera to increased the main capabilities of the user’s MFP in order to enhance the user’s very own workflow needs. This is done through touch-screen operations. Such advanced technology effectively cuts the cost of paper documents, and pushes them online to create a digital workflow that is both efficient and effective for the user. As such, the user will be able to have a better control of the costs incurred, gain an edge over their competitors and secure processes.

How to Install the HyPAS Business App on a Kyocera Printer?

Many people across different industries are able to benefit from Kyovcera’s HyPAS business app. Installing HyPAS apps on your printer is quite straightforward. Here’s how:

Firstly, prepare a USB cable. In order to download the HyPAS app into the Kyocera printer, a USB cable is required. The HyPAS app will be received as a PKG file after you have made the order for your app. Once you receive the app via e-mail, the PKG file should be loaded into the USB drive. With the app transferred into the USB drive, you are now ready to download it into the Kyocera printer.

The next step is to click on your printer’s System Menu. From the system menu, scroll and click on “Applications”. Under the applications tab, you should see all the apps you have downloaded on your device.

After accessing applications, click on “Add”. After that, you should insert your USB drive containing the app in a PKG file and click on the app. Press “Update” to begin loading the app into your printer.

Once you have loaded the app into your Kyocera printer, click on the “Remove Memory” button. “Close” the options tab and take out the USB drive. The HyPAS app should be installed. You can open the “Applications” tab once again to make sure that the app has been downloaded. 

The HyPAS business app can help users streamline workflow, and bring about many benefits. After downloading the app into your printer, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of your new app and use it however you want.

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