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Top Tips To Connect Your Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

Once you have connected your Canon printer to wifi, it becomes extremely easy and convenient to use. You no longer need to deal with long wires which make it confusing and complex. Printing becomes one click away. However, the first thing you must deal with is learning how to connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi. Read on to find out how you can do it.

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There are Different Methods to Connect Your Canon Printer to Wifi

Before we move on to the specific steps, you should first understand that there are two methods to connecting your canon printer to wifi. The first method includes connecting the Canon printer to the wifi network while the other method includes directly adding the network to the computer. This will help the computer connect automatically to the network when it is switched on.

Connecting a Canon Printer to Wifi

First, you should switch on the printer by pressing the printer’s power button. Press “Settings” when the green light begins blinking. After that, press “Device Settings” by using the arrow buttons. Once you have accessed device settings, you should see a list of printer settings. Using the arrow buttons to navigate, click downwards until you see “Wireless LAN setup”. Click “OK” once you have found the option to begin setting up the network. The printer will automatically search for wifi networks available in the vicinity. When it is doing so, the printer’s light should start to blink. Once your printer has searched for the available wifi networks, a list of networks will be displayed on the screen. Select the wifi network you wish to connect to, and enter the wifi’s password on the screen. Once you are done, hit the “OK” button. By following these instructions step by step, you can connect your canon printer to Wi-Fi with ease.

In order for the printer to work, remember to add the Canon printer to your computer through the control panel. 

Adding a Canon Printer to Your Computer

On a Windows computer, click the windows and “R” key. When you see the Run window displayed, key in “Control/name Microsoft.Devices and Printers”. Hit the “OK” button once you are done. After that, click on “Add a Printer”. Instructions will pop up on the screen. All you have to do is to follow the instructions in order to add the Canon printer to your computer.

Once you have connected your canon printer to wifi and added the printer to your device, you should be able to print your documents easily.

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