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Spare Toner | 5 Reasons why it is important to have one

Did you run out of toner again? No spare toner on hand!

We’ve all been there. Sometimes things get crazy and for whatever reason someone forgets to reorder the toner (or forgets to tell you that they used the last one) but having a spare toner on hand at all times is extremely important. And here are a few reasons why:


Spare toner for my copier

  1. No downtime

    – by always having a spare toner on hand, you never have to worry about your machine running out!

  2. Your vendor may be out of stock

    – You can’t rely on the fact that your vendor will always have toner in stock when you need it. You’re not the only one ordering that toner from them and sometimes they do run out of stock too.

  3. Your boss will love you

    – What boss doesn’t like an employee who’s proactive and helps to keep business running smoothly?

  4. Your vendor will love you

    – Who doesn’t like a customer who is proactive and orders their spare toner well in advance so that the vendor doesn’t have to run around to try to find one for you last minute.

  5. Keep your sanity

    – you can grab a cup of coffee instead of stressing out about where you’re going to find a replacement cartridge while your co-workers are complaining that they can’t get their work done because the machine is out of toner.

It’s a typical day at the office and you have a big project coming up. The deadline is a day away and you have a few hundred document pages to copy, so you gather all your papers and head over to the copy machine. You set the documents in the feeder and look at the operation panel on the printer only to see an “Out of Toner” message on the display panel. You run to the supply cabinet and, to your horror, you have no spare toner! Now what do you do?

A word to the wise, the easiest way to make sure you don’t run out of toner is to always have a spare toner on hand. As soon as you replace your empty toner, call and order a backup. This way, if your vendor is out of stock, they have plenty of time to get them back in stock and you’ll never have to worry about your machine being down again.

Don’t have a reliable supplier? Not to worry, we are here to help!

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