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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Kyocera FS-9530DN?

If your Kyocera FS-9530DN is not working as efficiently as it should, you may be wondering whether it makes more sense to repair or replace. Depending on the circumstances, there can be arguments in favor of one option over the other. We share more with you in this article.


When You Should Repair Your Printer

The first and most important thing to consider is how much it will cost to repair your Kyocera FS-9530DN. If the cost of repairing is more than half of what the printer costs, you are better off getting a replacement. If it is less, you will want to take the following factors into consideration before making a decision:

  • Is your printer frequently breaking down? If so, regular service calls can quickly start to add up.
  • A good rule of thumb is that a printer should not break down more than 3 times a year. If your printer cannot go more than 4 months without breaking down, all signs point to a replacement.
  • Do you have a lot of supplies in stock for your Kyocera FS-9530DN? If yes, it can make sense to stick with it for a while longer, until after these supplies have been used up. Of course, you will want to weigh up this cost against the cost of service calls if it is frequently breaking down. This is one reason many businesses choose to repair their printers instead of replacing them but has to be carefully considered with all potential costs in mind.

When You Should Replace Your Printer

If your Kyocera FS-9530DN is causing you no end of trouble, you may be deciding whether to replace it. Or it may simply be that your business’s printing needs have changed. We share with you some factors to consider before replacing your printer:

  • Have your printing needs changed? As a black-and-white printer that can handle high print volumes with superior speed, you may decide to get a replacement for your Kyocera FS-9530DN if you require a color printer or banner printing capabilities, for instance.
  • Is your printer cost-efficient? If you are frequently paying for servicing and replacement parts, chances are, you are better off replacing it.
  • Is the printing process efficient? Are your employees having to compensate for the flaws of your current model by doing extra work that could be negated with a replacement? Sometimes, costs are not considered only in figures. You also have to factor in the cost of labor and what can be better done with that time. 

Shop Kyocera Printers at Ameritechnology

Whether you are looking to repair or replace your Kyocera FS-9530DN printer, you have come to the right place at Ameritechnology. We stock a wide range of printers and copiers from Kyocera and have been delivering the one-on-one services our clients need to improve their business since 1984. If you have any questions regarding the Kyocera FS09530DN or any of our Kyocera products, please feel free to contact us today.

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