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How to setup Scan to email on a Kyocera TASKalfa

Need the proper steps to setup scan to email on a Kyocera TASKalfa series copier/MFP? If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be scanning to email in no time at all.


First, you’ll need to know the TCP/IP address of your machine. This can be obtained by looking at the network settings on the copier’s display panel. Once you have the correct information it’s time to visit the web management page of the machine. By inputting the TCP/IP address in the address bar of your favorite browser (I use Chrome), you’ll now have access to the settings.

Next, you’ll need to have access to the administrator password in order to view/change the advanced settings.


By choosing NETWORK SETTINGS > PROTOCOL you will have the ability to begin your settings. Turn the protocol “On” and submit your settings. Next click the hyperlink for “Email Settings”



Once in the email settings area, you’ll need to know some very precise information.

  1. The TCP/IP address or DNS Name of your SMTP Server
  2. What PORT that server uses to communicate (default is 25)
  3. Whether or not your SMTP server requires authentication (user name / password)
  4. Will you need to communicate via SSL

Armed with answers to the questions above, you can now proceed to fill out the form. DO NOT click TEST just yet!


Next, you’ll need to provide the machine with a “Reply to” email address and a file size limitation. By leaving the file size setting to “0”, you are telling the machine that there are no limitations.


Lastly, click submit and process your changes. At this point I would recommend that you either power cycle the machine or at very least restart the network. Once the machine comes back to life you’ll be able to re-access the settings page and “TEST” the connection. If all goes well, you’ll receive an “OK” message. If there is an error, you’ll need to confirm your settings and try again.

If you need additional help to setup scan to email, try contacting Kyocera tech support.

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