SonicWall Security-as-a-Service

In today’s rapidly evolving digital era that we live in, cyberattacks are currently on the rise. Threats are developing in strength and ability with intrusions, spyware, viruses, worms, key loggers, Trojans, botnets, malware, and rootkits opening a broad spectrum of risks to various networks and systems. Ameritechnology is a SonicWall Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) partner which can aid your organization with the detection and blocking of the wide variety of emerging advanced digital threats.

  1. What is SonicWall Security-as-a-Service?

    SonicWall SECaaS is a pricing model that adopts the form of monthly subscription which requires no upfront fees. This type of business model is highly prevalent amongst businesses that have a pool of end consumers who prefer monthly subscription purchase mode. This monthly payment model comprises of hardware which makes it easier for service providers to offer this purchase mode to end consumers. This procedure is great at allowing end consumers to receive important network security solutions which help safeguard their businesses. 

  2. How Ameritechnology can Help in SonicWall Security-as-a-Service

    Ameritechnology is a SECaaS partner that offers all of the relevant technology necessary to support a managed security or firewall solution. Clients can choose to take up the all-in-one monthly subscription plan or select separate parts of the security solution portfolio of SonicWall as required. The SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall includes a hardware device with all the security solutions necessary to build a wide-ranging network protection from a broad spectrum of evolved threats. A comprehensive gateway security suite offers an all-inclusive network protection that consists of anti-virus, intrusion prevention, anti-spyware, content filter, application intelligence, firmware updates, and 24/7 support. For a global management system, clients can look forward to an intuitive solution which can rapidly deploy and manage SonicWall firewalls through a centralized location.

We offer a wide range of service and support options:

Responsive and timely customer service

Customized service contracts

SIMPLE managed print services

IT management solutions managed networking services

If you want to learn more about our SonicWall Security-as-a-Service services or other managed IT security solutions, feel free to contact us today. 

  1. Why Do You Need SonicWall Security-as-a-Service Services?

    SonicWall SECaaS is a necessity for all businesses to develop a safe and secure network infrastructure. The system allows businesses to have good control of their firewalls, manage email security and gain access to security solutions remotely. They can safeguard their operations from advanced digital threats which are rapidly evolving as we speak. Such threats include intrusions, spyware, viruses, worms, key loggers, Trojans, botnets, malware, and rootkits, which may cause unnecessary operational downtime that can incur financial losses.

  2. Why Should You Work with Ameritechnology for SonicWall Security-as-a-Service?

    At Ameritechnology, our service-oriented team focuses on customer satisfaction. We build our business over the objective of providing expert IT security advice, installation, maintenance, management, and repair. We have field experts under our wings who are ready to provide solutions after careful evaluation of industry situations. We aim to make the lives of our clients easier by responding to inquiries at a timely manner and utilizing a personalized approach to cater to every client’s unique needs. We also make it a point to allow our clients to gain access to recommendations made by upper management.

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