Multi-Factor Authentication

Cyber threats are almost becoming an inevitable norm amidst a rapidly growing Internet user circle. The wide variety of readily available digital channels makes it even easier for cybercriminals to penetrate through user devices. Ameritechnology works with various IT and security platforms to guard against digital threats such as ransomware, malicious mining, targeted online attacks and more. Multi-factor authentication is one of the services which we offer to companies hoping to keep cyber threats at bay.

  1. What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

    Multi-factor authentication is the process of using more than a single form of information to verify the credentials of an account holder. This is before granting access to the user after making sure the person accessing is indeed the account’s rightful owner. The first factor required by the account is often information like passwords whereas additional information may include fingerprint, iris, one-time-passwords from a mobile phone, external devices, or an access card. Today, the most common form of second-factor authentication is biometrics. It requires physical access for an external security device to record and convey the captured data over for authentication at the server end. Mobile phones are the most preferred second-factor authentication device due to its portability.

  2. How Ameritechnology can Help in Multi-Factor Authentication

    Ameritechnology makes it easier for businesses to focus on service by managing their security infrastructure on their behalf. By introducing an option for online users to implement a second-factor or multi-factor authentication, companies can provide online services which are more secure for their users. Online hackers may be able to gain access to a user’s password or personal information, but without the subsequent factor authentication, the user account can still be protected. This entire process helps to minimize the risks of identity thefts and countless other online fraud incidences as the user’s account password alone is not sufficient to provide the online hacker with access to their account.

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  1. Why Do You Need Multi-Factor Authentication Services?

    Sensitive information gets stored on the Internet on a regular basis including passwords, financial information, corporate documents, and more. Control to the proper access of such data is essential as it may cause a jeopardy which in turn stirs about critical consequences. The availability of password attack tools is rampant today which means single factor authentication is simply inadequate. Almost all organizations today are building more security infrastructures for their businesses by implementing multi-factor authentication.

  2. Putting the customer first, from Day One

    Our team of experts will work with your internal IT staff or serve as your IT department if you don’t have one. We routinely work with external vendors to skillfully implement the hardware and software components into your network’s

  3. Why Should You Work with Ameritechnology for Multi-Factor Authentication?

    Ameritechnology is known for our top-notch customer service which involves a highly responsive team answering inquiries in a timely fashion. Our company is the trusted advisor of IT and security concerns through the aid of our capable team made up of field-based experts. We utilize a customized approach to every single IT and security need with direct access to advice and recommendations by upper management. Clients can look forward to receiving comprehensive solutions through the latest innovations.

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