Experienced Provider of office network maintenance & IT solutions for small businesses & enterprises in NJ

Like it or not, the numerous technologies that you have installed across your organization are the backbone of your small business or enterprise operation. If your network goes down, so does your productivity, employee morale, along with your revenue and profits.

Call Ameritechnology and stop worrying. We have more than 30 years of providing IT management and office network-maintenance and management solutions for small businesses and mid-size enterprises throughout New Jersey and New York.

We have the trained technicians and industry expertise to provide your business with the services and support required for your network to remain a data-generating, revenue-enabling business tool.


One master home for all data, communicating clearly in real time. Easy sync options with devices and completely done for your setup

Consistent, ubiquitous data, turning data into real life usable asset, not a liability or noise.

Multiple fail-safe security protocols to keep your documents secure, safe and updated

Reduce overhead costs (paper, busy work) and streamline business operations

Document Imaging, Management and Media management all together, not separate stacks

Web interface available for easier management

Mobile applications to get work done on the go, without compromising security or data consistency

Integrated records management for documents


Documents and Data are the life-blood to quality business decisions.

Ameritechnology can guide you through the process of transforming your business network into a well-run data-driven machine, while lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, and significantly reducing the risk of data loss, with redundant data recovery systems in place. Your business will run smoother, and documents will be an asset, not another headache for your organization.

Your network, your choice

Choose from turnkey office network-maintenance support or customized IT management solutions, including:

  • Local-area or wide-area and virtual private network (LAN/WAN/VPN) design, configuration, and implementation
  • Server and network maintenance
  • Backup, storage and recovery solutions
  • Antivirus, malware- and intrusion-detection software
  • Security, firewall and network monitoring systems
  • Complete system documentation and ongoing performance analysis

Using our proven multi-phase methodology, we gain a thorough understanding of your IT structure and processes, identify efficiencies, eliminate redundancies, and even detect vulnerabilities that can leave your office network exposed to security threats.

Our team of experts will work with your internal IT staff or serve as your IT department if you don’t have one. We routinely work with external vendors to skillfully implement the hardware and software components into your network’s infrastructure that will optimize the value and flow of data through the enterprise.

We then manage, maintain, repair, and upgrade the network technologies as needed; making recommendations to enhance system performance and increase functionality as your business needs dictate.

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