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Interactive displays are increasingly becoming an everyday part of retail outlets, offices, educational institutions, and much more. Due to rapid technological advances, there have never been more options for interactive products. In addition to having screens that users can engage with, current generation displays also offer multi-touch points and other built-in collaborative solutions. At Ameritechnology, we are an authorized retailer of Newline Interactive products. 


One master home for all data, communicating clearly in real time. Easy sync options with devices and completely done for your setup

Consistent, ubiquitous data, turning data into real life usable asset, not a liability or noise.

Multiple fail-safe security protocols to keep your documents secure, safe and updated

Reduce overhead costs (paper, busy work) and streamline business operations

Document Imaging, Management and Media management all together, not separate stacks

Web interface available for easier management

Mobile applications to get work done on the go, without compromising security or data consistency

Integrated records management for documents


What We Offer

At Ameritechnology, you can purchase a wide variety of Newline Interactive displays at the most competitive rates, including: 

Buy Outstanding Newline Interactive Displays at Ameritechnology

If you are looking to get products that help bring presentations and lessons to life, make meetings more productive, or foster collaboration in classrooms, you can never go wrong with using Newline Interactive displays. Business owners, employees, and customers will be awed by the 4K UHD resolution and responsive touch technology.

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