Employee Awareness Training

While many people believe that hackers always intrude into systems solely using their IT skills, the reality is that in many cases, human error and social engineering help to open the door for these hackers. Your employees are constantly accessing the IT system and hackers use a variety of methods to exploit this fact. A good example are phishing attacks where hackers use an innocent-sounding email to trick your employees into downloading malicious software into your system. Employee awareness training helps to seal this loophole by building the capacity of your employees to recognize and avoid such baits.

  1. What are Employee Awareness Training Services?

    No IT security system is complete without employee awareness training. As noted in the introduction, system users pose a vulnerable point in the security of any IT system. Using a variety of tricks and subterfuges, hackers can exploit human weaknesses to gain access to even the most well-protected IT systems. Computer hackers understand that many users of IT systems in an organization are rarely IT experts themselves (unless it is an IT-related company). This means that they may not understand the consequences of clicking that link in an anonymous email or downloading an attached document.
    Employee training awareness helps to seal this loophole by arming your employees with information. The best form of employee awareness training is done using visual aids and real-time examples. This way, your employees get a clearer understanding of the kind of threats that are out there and what they can do about them.

  2. How Ameritechnology can Help in Employee Awareness Training Services

    Ameritechnology is at the fore of IT security and therefore we understand all the tricks that hackers use to attack IT systems. For this reason, our employee awareness training program is designed to help your employees deal with real-life threats. We teach your employees how to recognize the most recent phishing attacks and what to do about them. Our employee training program also focuses on helping your employees get the most out of your IT system, thus improving productivity and promoting the correct use of the system.

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  1. Why Do You Need Employee Awareness Training Services?

    Employee awareness training serves a variety of uses. Firstly, it makes your IT system invulnerable to intrusions through your human resources. Secondly, trained employees are likely to utilize IT resources efficiently and responsibly. This not only reduces costs but enhances productivity. Using IT resources responsibly also extends the life of various physical devices such as computers, phones and so on. This is turn helps your organization get good returns on the investments that are made on the IT infrastructure.

  2. Putting the customer first, from Day One

    Our team of experts will work with your internal IT staff or serve as your IT department if you don’t have one. We routinely work with external vendors to skillfully implement the hardware and software components into your network’s

  3. Why Should You Work with Ameritechnology for Employee Awareness Training Services?

    When you come to Ameritechnology for IT related solutions, you can be sure that we will go out of our way to ensure we give you the best. We do not believe in stock solutions as we know that every client has different IT needs. This is why we take our time to understand your needs and offer you practical solutions that are beneficial for your bottom-line. We price our services very competitively thus assuring you of value for your investment.

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