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Email security refers to a series of techniques used to keep sensitive data in email accounts safe from unauthorized access, compromise, or complete loss. Ameritechnology offers professional email security services that can help stop the spread of malware, phishing attacks, and spam which can be carried out through email communication unknowingly by hackers.

  1. What are Email Security Services?

    Email security makes full use of technology to examine inbound emails for any malicious threats and to secure outbound emails. This chain of security events can help protect email accounts, information, users, and even corporations from attacks and plots of cybersecurity. Email security for cloud platform has now been deemed as more critical than ever before as a high percentage of organizations have since migrated to a cloud service or a mix-use email platform. It has now become highly essential to consider protection of data and securing outbound email traffic. This can be achieved through the usage of various measures which can help to avoid the transmission of sensitive data through email messages to external recipients.

  2. How Ameritechnology can Help in Email Security

    Ameritechnology fully utilizes different defense mechanisms available in a series of layers which aim to provide all-inclusive protection which incorporates the best practices of email security. These practices include an email security standing that is robust, security measures put in place, operative security intelligence, retrospective remedy, and data encryption to prevent unintentional information leakage. There are also various components of an email communication we need to defend as they can easily be manipulated or compromised. These components include the email content, its attachments, URLs inside the email body, and the sender’s address. 

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  1. Why Do You Need Email Security Services?

    Reports have shown that email security is now more critical than ever due to the rapid evolvement of email-borne attacks. Such digital threats have a major implication on businesses as their operations can be compromised as a result of equipment or machinery downtime. This may in turn incur revenue losses as a worst-case scenario if the situation is not resolved over a fast turnaround rate. At least 80% of companies claimed to have experienced an email-borne security attack attempt in the year 2018. These organizations cited loss of productivity, recovery costs, negative financial impact, data loss, and reputation damage. The top reported cyber concern is spear phishing with nearly 50% of companies reporting threats within the whole of 2019.

  2. Why Should You Work with Ameritechnology for Email Security?

    Ameritechnology puts customers first starting right from the initial consultation with our field experts and through the entire IT security service transaction. We offer technology expertise that comes from upper management and comprises of latest innovations as well as detailed solutions too which meet varying industry needs. Our IT security services are cost-efficient and are rendered through a

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