Get customized service contracts to fit your IT network management or copier lease fleet & maintenance needs

Because no two businesses — even in the same industry — operate the same, Ameritechnology offers custom printer service contracts to every customer’s unique needs.

Our goal, our mission, and the basis of more than 30 years of continued success are giving our clients the one-on-one service they need for our products and services to help their businesses run most efficiently. In addition, we provide office network maintenance so you can go home at night and not worry that your Ameritechnology office equipment is hindering and not helping you do your job.


Our analysis and understanding of your business operation, daily workflow, network maintenance and printer fleet needs

In-depth knowledge of every technology and machine we install in your office

Copier Fleet Management: How often each piece of equipment should be serviced in order to continue to operate at maximum capacity with minimal downtime

Accurate estimates as to how long service calls for specific issues will take


We take our role as business advisors very seriously, and we hold ourselves and our employees to a high standard of service excellence. Three decades of success tells us we’re doing something right. And we’ll do that something right for your company too.

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