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Service Call Requests: The 3 Must-Haves

When your office copier starts acting up, or stops working, you need to contact your copier dealer and place a service call. To ensure that your call gets entered properly, there are a few key things that you need to provide to your vendor so that they get all the information that they need quickly and so your copier has the least amount of downtime as possible.

  • Machine ID: Before you even start to describe the problem you’re having with the copier, it’s always best to provide your machine ID, model/serial number or whatever method your vendor uses to identify where the copy machine is located.
  • Be specific: Be as specific as you can be when explaining the issue you’re having. For example, if you hear a grinding noise say that you heard a “grinding noise” instead of just “the copier is making a noise”. That small change could be the difference between the technician bringing the part with him and fixing the copier that day or having to reschedule the service call and come back another day.
  • Confirm contact information: Provide your name, contact number and verify the address of your office location. While your information may already be on file, you should always confirm to be sure that the technician will be going to the right location and that if there’s a problem, they have a way to contact you.

As long as you have all the information that you need, readily available, the entire process will be expedited much more quickly and your copier will be up and running in no time.

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