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Returning a copier at the end of a lease

How do I go about returning a copier at the end of my lease?

Did you know that once your copier lease matures, that it is your responsibility to make sure it ships safe and secure back to the leasing company? Most people don’t and it can be a rude awakening!  Most leasing companies will require special handling and insurance on the freight, so the cost could potentially add up quickly. Hiring a padded carrier that has experience moving sensitive electronic devices is something that could end up costing hundreds of dollars per machine when returning a copier.


Most every lease document clearly makes note of this in their terms and conditions, unfortunately it is rarely disclosed and often glanced over by the sales representative. Be certain to read your lease carefully and make sure you understand what is required. It’s not that you will be able to change the terms, however you might be able to negotiate returning a copier with the installing dealer to help in offsetting those costs prior to signing the new lease.

Any responsible copier sales professional will take the time to understand what your current situation is, and with proper knowledge will absolutely be able to aid in the safe return. This should always be a part of the negotiations and be considered prior to the new lease execution. It seems everybody is looking for “the best deal” and that usually means the lease price of the machine. Most don’t consider the setup, delivery and install fees and most of all who will be returning that old copier. Make sure you understand what is included in “the price”.

Finally, before that machine leaves your premises be certain that any and all data storage devices are wiped clean, formatted or otherwise removed. Data security kits and encryption is optional on most copiers today, so taking the extra effort to insure this is completed will save you the trouble if you data get compromised once returned to the leasing company.

If you are at the point that the machine must be returned and your are going to be responsible, make sure you find a quality freight carrier that is familiar with these types of devices and can offer a fair price. This is not a task you want to take on for yourself and certainly not a job for a freight carrier that specializes in boxed items.

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