Are you looking for assistance with an End of Lease letter for your Copier?

Sometimes also referred to as a “Letter of Intent”, all copier leasing companies require you (the lessee) to supply them with a formal letter that clearly outlines what your intentions are going to be at the conclusion of the lease. Are you going to take the purchase option, return it, or continue monthly payments? Each copier lease has slightly different terms, however most (if not all) have a predefined time period in their terms and conditions which must be met or the penalty will be automatic renewal.

Read the Terms and Conditions of your lease very carefully so you don’t unknowingly fail to notify!

Remember, the lease is in YOUR company name, therefore…

  1. You (as the lessee) are responsible for the letter being sent AND on-time.
  2. If returning equipment at the end, you are also responsible for the safe return to the leasing company’s desired location at your expense.
  3. If you plan on exercising the purchase option, there are no expressed warranties.
  4. If you are dealing with a reputable copier vendor, they WILL assist with this task. Be certain that they communicate the appropriate timetable with you.
Leasing Letter of Intent - Copier

End of lease letter

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