Remote Workforce

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working is here to stay. That’s why businesses must develop and employ a Work from Home strategy as quickly as possible. From maintaining productivity to cybersecurity, changing the corporate culture to a remote one
requires a structured approach to drive long-term success. Furthermore, studies show that many workers who have been working from home during COVID-19 prefer to stick with this arrangement.

Building a Remote Workforce Involves 3 Steps

  • Implement: It is important to adopt new remote working tools and migrate existing resources to the cloud without causing frustration or a loss of efficiency among employees and stakeholders. 
  • Secure: In addition to providing the right equipment, business owners need to secure their networks and all resource access points. Due to the rushed response to COVID-19, security incidents are on the rise, e.g., data breaches and malware
  • Control: Are your remote workers maximizing the computers and IT solutions you have provided them? While you focus on boosting performance and productivity, don’t forget to manage your business expenses and keep overheads low.

How Ameritechnology Can Help Strengthen Your Remote Working Strategy

Remote Printer and Copier Solutions
Tech and retail are a couple of industries that have adopted remote working strategies. The problem is their print and technology infrastructures may have been designed with past years’ situations in mind. Business owners must ensure that their computers, printers, and other related consumables can meet today’s critical needs. At Ameritechnology, our managed print services ensure that your copier and printer fleets are always up to the task. 

Remote Communication Equipment
Ameritechnology is a reputable New Jersey hosted PBX and VoIP services provider. We provide affordable solutions for individuals who need to work from home. Our high-quality phone systems are easy to deploy, can forward calls (regardless of where the worker is), are ideal for conferencing, and even come with voicemail capabilities. Our VoIP services enable workers to bring home their IP phone from the office. Employees can keep and use the same number, receive calls, transfer calls, dial extensions, page coworkers, and more.

Remote Managed IT Security Services
Cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting business emails, cloud-based services, non-secure VPNs, and cloud collaboration tools (e.g., hijacking Zoom calls). Workers require cybersecurity solutions to protect their personal networks and devices, especially if they handle financial information and customer data. Ameritechnology can proactively monitor your networks for potential threats via the latest antivirus, malware, and intrusion-detection software. 

Remote Networking Support
Ameritechnology can assist in designing, configuring, and implementing local area, wide area, and virtual private networks. Work from home with peace of mind knowing that we will maintain your servers and networks. Our team will also perform regular backups and have recovery solutions to help boost network uptime. 

Remote Document Management Services
Ameritechnology ensures that all of your documents online are easily searchable and can be shared in real-time. We have multiple fail-safe security protocols that keep our clients’ secure and up to date. This way, your remote workers can get more work done on the go (on their mobile devices) without compromising security or data consistency.

Why Work with Ameritechnology?

Our company caters to the different needs of today’s remote workforce through custom service contracts. We have decades of experience helping businesses run securely and efficiently. 

Learn more about building a remote workforce by scheduling a consultation with us.

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