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Recycling old office equipment | How to

Need help recycling old office equipment?

Today is the day, your new office equipment is arriving and you couldn’t be more motivated to start the process of the integration. However, there is one nagging question, what do I do about recycling old office equipment?


I imagine you could take the easy way out and put the “old girl” by the side of the road or into a dumpster, but is that really the right choice for recycling old office equipment?

There are more conscience approaches and occupying the local landfill is at the very bottom!

  1. Donate it!

    – If the piece of equipment you are replacing still has some life, there are plenty of non-profit organizations that would welcome the gift. Office equipment is expensive and more often than not a non-profit organization rarely has the funds to enjoy such luxuries. You’ll be doing a good deed and often times can reap the benefits of a tax deduction.

  2. Sell it!

    – Again, if the unit is not too old or outdated maybe there is a market for it? Small and even start-up businesses are often looking for a less expensive way to get office tasks completed. If the budget doesn’t warrant new, then they might just appreciate a good deal!

  3. Ask your current vendor to take it!

    – Sometimes an office equipment dealer is willing to remove the unit free of charge. They can often use the parts to help other customers with outdated equipment to get them repaired when new parts are no longer available.

  4. Scrap Recycler!

    – We use this option a lot!! There are many companies/individuals that make recycling old office equipment an occupation. The remove the piece of equipment (usually at no charge) and take the time to disassemble the unit, separating the metal, plastic, and circuit boards. They then take these parts to recycle centers and get paid for the goods. It’s a nice way to bring that old piece of equipment to a graceful end while at the same time giving it new life as a brand new product (eventually).

  5. Throw it away!

    – Yes, I said it! Not my favorite or first choice, but there are just times that there is no other alternatives. It bothers me knowing there is such a large piece in the local landfill that will not deteriorate for the next 200 years, but if that’s the only way to go I guess you have no choice? Please only use this option if you’ve exhausted all other possibilities, it really does create an environmental nightmare.

So as you can see there are plenty of options when recycling old office equipment, most of which will either bring renewed life to your old system or find its way into the hands of the industries that can deal with the scrap. If you’d like some further assistance recycling old office equipment please feel free to contact us at 201-258-7300.

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