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Founded in 1993, Objectif Lune is an organization focused on delivering software, services and custom applications for variable data printing on Kyocera Mita printing devices. PlanetPress, the anchor of the PlanetPress Suite of products, enables sophisticated, conditional printing of text and graphics in an open architectural environment without the need to modify host computer software or incorporate form servers. The PlanetPress Watch module allows for simultaneous output to local/network printers (PlanetPress), to remote faxing (PlanetPress Fax), and to Adobe PDF® (PlanetPress Image) for e-mail and/or archive.

PlanetPress SuiteThe PlanetPress suite is a modular approach that allows you to incorporate workflow efficiencies and multiple output from a single data stream. Variable data streams can be simultaneously output to local or network printers, to fax, and to PDF® for e-Mail and archive.

Planet Press is the design tool for the PlanetPress suite of products. Documents can be created to run directly on the printer with no host or server software. PlanetPress documents can be printed, archived, e-mailed and/or faxed as part of a sophisticated output management application driven by PlanetPress Watch.

PlanetPress Watch is an automated workflow module to capture and print data stream for distribution to all other PlanetPress family of products. With PlanetPress Watch you can capture data from any platform and send the data stream with Intelligent Form triggering to any network or locally attached printer. The same data can be sent to multiple printers or split between a number of printers for better throughput. At the same time you can send the data to PlanetPress Image for archiving and e-Mail distribution or to PlanetPress Fax for sending through a fax/modem.

PlanetPress Image is a module added to PlanetPress Watch that produces PDF output simultaneously for printing and faxing. Variable data documents are delivered by e-Mail or archived with multiple custom user defined indexes. The process is completely automated requiring no intervention. The electronic archive is an exact copy of the printed one (if there is one). This electronic version of the document can easily be browsed, searched, cut/pasted, printed from your desktop computer even if the original was printed on a different computing platform. In addition, the PDF is a small file format (1.5k per page in a document of at least 40 pages) allowing efficient storage and transfer due to PlanetPress PostScript® optimization.

Objectif Lune Advantage
Combined with Kyocera Mita’s virtually maintenance free printing devices and low cost of ownership, Objectif Lune is your ideal forms printing, subset finishing and distributed printing soltuion.

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