Newline TRUTOUCH NT Series

Bring your presentations and lessons to life in 4K resolution! TRUTOUCH NT Series interactive displays are the tools you need to succeed in a cost-effective manner.


The Perfect Presentation Tool

TRUTOUCH NT Series is a new non-touch display that can be used for sharing files and videos, wireless casting, presentations, and more. If you only want to get a bright, vivid display without all the bells and whistles, this innovative display is perfect for the job.


Users can now manage their NT Series non-touch displays over the Internet or via wireless connection. In addition to updating applications, one can even send text through a web portal. What’s more, the native casting features help ensure easy connection processes.

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Improve communication in classrooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms with the easy-to-control NT Series. In addition to a modular camera port, this non-touch display comes with a built-in microphone that is outfitted with reverb removal, noise reduction, and echo cancellation features. You and your recipients can enjoy a crisp and clear audio experience every single time.


Quick On-Board Computer Solution

Thanks to the OPS ports on the NT series displays, one can add an on-board computer as and when it is needed.

Control by Remote

Use a remote control to change slides, pull up different apps, or switch sources.

No Touch

No need to touch the screen, save the interactivity for any devices you connect.

Remote Management

Manage your display from anywhere with Newline’s built-in display management solution.

Go Wireless

Built-in Newline Cast app lets you connect your own device and cast your small screen, hassle-free.

Win/ iOS/ Android

No matter what device you use, iOS, Windows, or Android, it will be compatible with the NT series.

Embedded Microphone

Just add a camera and use the built-in 6-element array to communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Superior Image Quality

NT Series supports Ultra High-Definition (4K) resolution and leads the industry in brightness.

Access to the Cloud

Save and share your files on the display directly to your preferred cloud storage service.


Part NumberN/aN/a
Display Area (in)85 x 47.8 in73.7 x 41.5
Weight (lbs)185.2102.5
Resolution3840x2160 (4K)3840x2160 (4K)
Touch TechnologyN/aN/a
Touch PointsN/aN/a
Microphone6-element array,Echo cancellation, Beamforming, Noise reduction, Reverb removal6-element array,Echo cancellation, Beamforming, Noise reduction, Reverb removal
Viewing Angle178°178°
Operating SystemAnroid 8.0Anroid 8.0