Newline RS+ Series

The all-new RS+ Series Interactive Touch Display offers more speed and versatility than the original RS Series display. If you are looking to upgrade your interactive touch displays, this option comes with an array of enhanced specs such as an embedded Android 8.0 operating system.


Lightweight and Slim Profile

Thanks to the slim frame design and lightweight properties of the RS+ Series, these touchscreen displays make excellent smartboards in a wide array of locations, including offices and schools.


Enjoy increased convenience with various wireless connectivity features. Users no longer need to spend time on cable management when it comes to delivering presentations at work or in school.


In additional, the Intelligent Touch function recognizes a wide array of stylus pens, fingers, and even palms. You will be able to use the eraser, thin pen, and digital marker tools with exceptional ease.


Plenty of Room for Personalization - Make It Yours!

Whether you require a digital whiteboard or an interactive touch display for your conference room or classroom, we have got you covered. The new RS+ series touch displays offer easy-to-use options to customize one’s user interface and theme.

The RS series+ interactive touch panels offer stunning 4K UHD resolution. Capture and hold your audience’s attention with clear and vivid images and videos!

Variety of Sizes

Choose the right size for your collaborative space with displays in 65”, 75”, 86” and 98“.

Improved Android

Work faster without lag with Android 8.0, more RAM and a more powerful CPU.

Connect Your Way

Connect with a variety of I/O ports, including 3 HDMI ports, a display port, and a VGA port.

Go Wireless

Built-in Newline Cast app lets you connect your own device and cast your small screen, hassle-free.

Win/ iOS/ Android

No matter what device you use, iOS, Windows, or Android, it will be compatible with the RS series.


Instant digital whiteboard and on-screen annotation tool. Never let a single idea slip away.

Intelligent Touch

Object recognition recognizes a finger, stylus and palm to react as a marker, pen or eraser.

Slim Frame Design

The thin and lightweight smart board is designed for easy and hassle-free installation.


Part NumberTT-8619RSTT-7519RSTT-6519RS
Display Area (in)74.6 x41.964.9 x 36.556.3 x 31.7
Weight (lbs)163.1130.199.2
Touch TechnologyIRIRIR
Touch Points202020
Viewing Angle178°178°178°
Operating SystemAnroid 8.0Anroid 8.0Anroid 8.0