Newline IP Series

The IP Series Interactive Touch Displays are designed to help eliminate network security worries. The all-in-one Ultra-HD interactive touch display utilizes a Linux operating system that is essential for conducting quality and more secure meetings and presentations.


Better Control and Stronger Security

The IP Series digital displays are powered by Linux which gives owners greater control over their data and panels. Individuals can easily restrict network root access, secure confidential data, and provide sufficient resources for their teams to complete tasks and projects.


Does your desktop computer require an additional display? You will be pleased to know that all of IP Series interactive touch panels feature easy to access OPS ports.

Why You Need To Use Newline Interactive IP Series Interactive Touch Display At The Office

Equipped with state-of-the-art capacitive touch technology, IP Series intuitive touch displays react instantly when you tap, touch, or write on them with your fingers.


Smarter Camera Systems

These touchscreen displays come with built-in modular ePTZ cameras that allow users to connect to the world anytime and anywhere. In addition, these cameras have digital zoom capabilities and electronic pan and tilt features. Users will have increased control over the images they capture.

Linux-based OS

Built around Linux, avoid security issues that can happen running a display on Android.

Capacitive Touch

Write as smoothly as you interact with your smartphone on a screen that redefines interactivity.


Keep your network and data secure on a display that keeps your information under lock and key.

24/7 Rated

The commercial-grade display can work up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without slowing down.

Device Compatible

No matter what device you use, connecting to the IP series is effortless.

Superior Image Quality

IP Series supports Ultra High-Definition (4K) resolution and leads the industry in brightness.

Optically Bonded

With increased clarity and parallax reduction, IP Series delivers the best visual experience possible.

Intelligent Touch

Object recognition recognizes a finger, stylus and palm to react as a marker, pen or eraser.


Part NumberN/aN/aN/a
Display Area (in)74.53 x 42.0965.04 x 36.6156.38 x31.77
Weight (lbs)132.3108102.5
Touch TechnologyP-CAPP-CAPP-CAP
Touch Points202020
Viewing Angle178°178°178°
Operating SystemAnroid 8.0Anroid 8.0Anroid 8.0