Newline Interactive Display Accessories

Newline manufactures a wide variety of accessories to help transform your classroom, office, conference room, and more. From OPS modules to mobile stand mounts, explore an interactive ecosystem of accessories to empower your team as well as boost collaboration and communication.

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OPS Modules

If you need a Newline interactive display to work with an on-board Intel computer, our OPS modules and accessories will help get the job done.


X10D accessories come with a Google Play Store app. It allows users to download popular applications to their Newline intuitive touch displays and boost productivity.


Need to mount your Newline displays on the wall? The compact design and lightweight properties of these wall mounts make them easy to install and extremely sturdy. In addition, these mounts can accommodate panels ranging from 55 inches to 98 inches.


Newline Mobile Stand Mounting Solutions

These mobile stand mounts can be outfitted with one’s Newline interactive display. Newline Mobile Stand Mounting Solutions are portable, easy to use, and can be deployed anywhere.