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Printing weekly bulletins | Religious Organizations

Does your religious organization cringe when printing weekly bulletins?

Given the fact that most religious organizations are required to take on the chore of printing weekly bulletins, this certainly doesn’t need to be an arduous task. Finding the right combination of services and equipment could mean less last minute stress. Let’s look at the process of printing weekly bulletins and how the process can be streamlined.


Each week at the coming together every person is offered a weekly bulletin. This bulletin will normally take on the role of keeping the people informed on what is happening within the religious organization. This doesn’t necessarily need to be anything complicated. Something that is neat, clean and well organized should suffice. The first task would be to come up with a template or general layout for the bulletin. This would be something that could be easily changed or modified with the changes of the weekly and seasonal requirements. A good choice to develop a template for this purpose would be Microsoft Publisher. Within the program itself there are pre-defined templates that could potentially give you the building blocks of a solid start.

Once this basic template is setup, the next and most important part of the bulletin is the content. It’s important to have new and fresh content each week to keep your readers from losing interest. Many religious organizations utilize color in the form of pictures, illustrations or even as simple as text to bring to light important announcements. This is very important and worth careful consideration. When printing weekly bulletins that contain color, you must realize that the piece of equipment   necessary to achieve the look will cost more and so will the printed product. If printing weekly bulletins in color is not a viable option, then substituting colored paper will sometimes achieve an acceptable alternative.

Once the bulletin is prepared the next step is obviously the actual printing. What type of equipment will be needed? Depending on the actual amount of pages needed will often determine how “heavy duty” you’ll need to consider for your machine requirements. This is the point at which bringing in a trusted technology advisor could save you thousands. Choosing the wrong equipment will not only make the job that much more difficult, the expenses to operate could add up quickly? Take the time to go through the entire process and understand what you’ll need to make the job run smoothly.  Printing weekly bulletins is an ongoing task that could make “weekly” seem even more daunting.

Many religious organizations utilize the back cover of the weekly bulletin as ad space. Thus, giving local businesses the opportunity to present their products and services to the people can offset some of the costs in printing weekly bulletins. If you are not currently using this method of ad revenue, you should certainly consider it! It’s a win-win, the organization gets unrealized revenue and the local business get the opportunity to support the organization and hopefully be patronized by that community.

If you’d like to find out more, contact Ameritechnology. We have an entire team devoted to non-profit sales and workflow effectiveness.

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