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Print Management Software

Print Management Software

It wasn’t long ago that when you needed a printed document, it was as simple as finding the print icon () on the program you were using and a sheet of paper would exit a printer device located right at your desk. As technology has evolved we (as a workforce), have been told that we must do all of our document input and output tasks on one centrally located device. Why? It really comes down to the almighty dollar! It has been proven time and time again that the new breed of office equipment (the Multifunctional Device or MFD) is far more cost effective and efficient to operate then those desktop printers we all miss. As office technology experts we are trained to bask in the glory of removing those desktop units that have no recurring revenue, and convince your boss that it makes sense for you to get up and get to the copier.


In all due honesty, they really are much cheaper to run and far more efficient than anything past equipment could imagine. It does however bring a whole new set of concerns and waste to the table. First, how often do you have sensitive material to be printed and since the device you are printing to is half way across the building, you feel like a High School Track Star competing at your final event to get there. Also, how often do you print a document, wait a while to actually go to retrieve it and find it’s nowhere to be found? What do you do? Reprint it of course! Tell me that you couldn’t convince your boss that isn’t more of a waste of money then actually having your own printer at your desk.

We have a solution!

Ameritechnology is an authorized Papercut ™ Reseller

What if there was a way to make your outputs more secure while insuring they will actually be there when you arrive? Print Management Software has become the newest catalyst in the formation of centralized printing and document management. It can be utilized to secure network printing, minimize waste, and go as far as to give a graphical presentation of your environmental impact on our planet. It’s also rules based software that guides employees on how and where is the best place to make those documents come to life.

What if we could prove to you that a small investment in the way you utilize your office equipment could actually save you thousands of dollars? Would it be worth considering?
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