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What is the price of a business color copier?

How much can I anticipate paying for a quality business color copier?

The cost of a business color copier has dramatically reduced over the past few years as the market becomes more inclined to make the investment in color reproduction. From the price of the actual equipment to the cost to operate these devices, the business consumers have enjoyed the benefits of cheaper pricing.


So, how much does it actually cost to purchase a color copier? As with anything else in life, it certainly depends on many factors, such as:

  1. Pages per minute

    – Speed kills! Well, it doesn’t really kill; it does however bring up the cost! The faster the machine, the more it will cost.

  2. Capacity

    – Do you need to make 5 color copies per day or do you need to make 5000 per day? The higher quality more durable machines will command a higher price as well.

  3. Pre-Production Color vs Business Color

    – What is the quality of the color that is required? Are you looking to replicate certain colors in the Pantone Color Spectrum exactly? Or is “close enough” sufficient for your needs?

  4. Desktop vs Free Standing

    – As discussed in our Blog post about the cost to lease a copier, do you need an A4 or A3 type color copier?

Once you are able to determine the answers to some of these questions, you are ready to shop.

For a basic desktop business color copier, you could shell out as little as $800.00. Once you enter into the “free standing” models the range quickly increases from $3,000 – $10,000 and if you require a pre-production business color copier with Fiery © technology, you could easily end up spending $20,000+.

As we always preach, find a quality partner that can understand your needs and be able to advise you in making the right decision. Remember, it’s not about how much commission the salesperson makes, it’s about finding the right business color copier at a fair price.

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