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Preforming Data Sanitation on the Kyocera TASKalfa Series

Copier Data Sanitation

If it is time to send your Kyocera copier back to the leasing company and you want to make sure that any of your sensitive data is removed, it’s time for a data sanitation. Many copier vendors will charge to perform this service, however if you know the steps, it’s an easy fix.  Having a security kit installed on your machine will certainly encrypt your data, but as an added fail-safe, it never hurts to do a complete data sanitation.


WARNING: This operation is not reversible and will completely delete any data stored on the copier hard drive. USE WITH CAUTION

Step 1 – From the System Menu > Select the System/Network Icon

Kyocera Data Sanitation 1

Step 2 – Once in the System/Network Screen > Choose “Next” by Data Security

Kyocera Data Sanitation 2

Step 3 – Choose “Next” by Data Security

Kyocera Data Sanitation 3

Step 4 – Heed the warning and press “Start”

Kyocera Data Sanitation 4

Understanding that the data sanitation process could take a few hours so be prepared to leave the machine idle for the necessary amount of time. DO NOT under any circumstances reset the power during the operation; you will cause irreversible damage to the machine. Since this is a lease return it must be returned in operational/working condition. My advice to you would be to begin to perform this task at the end of the day, just before closing, and just allow the machine to do what it needs to do while you are away.

Taking these few steps to ensure that your data is no longer accessible once removed from your premises is a simple way to have peace of mind. Remember, you lease return will be someone’s new preowned copier. The leasing companies do in fact remarket these units to wholesalers for resale in the USA and outside the USA.

If you need further assistance or can’t seem to complete the steps, feel free to contact us for additional information.

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