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Pin Point Scan 3 by Kyocera | Product Announcement

Kyocera introduces Pin Point Scan 3 to its Business Application Suite

Kyocera is considered an innovator when it comes to application suite software and continues to impress with the addition of Pin Point Scan 3. In an industry where most hardware manufacturers are using 3rd party software solutions, Kyocera has made the investment in their own homegrown solutions. This is important to the end user because there is always a single point of contact. If relationships fail throughout the years there is no backlash to having a product that is no longer supported.


Some of the advancements in Pin Point Scan 3 are as follows:

  • Direct integration with DropBox
  • Direct integration with Google Drive
  • Searchable PDF’s (with add on)
  • The ability to browse your PC folders
  • Workflow creation

Pin Point Scan 3 is a powerful choice for SMB’s when it comes to choosing a hardware device that will seamlessly integrate with both Windows and MAC PC’s.  As an added benefit, there is such minimal intervention needed to make this system operate that needed a professional IT consultant is really not necessary. It boasts a plug-and-play self-prompting setup that even the most common nontechnical person can handle.

When it comes to innovation, Kyocera has become synonymous with all of the industry manufacturers. They have continually built products that the business consumer can trust and notwithstanding the reputation, they have also developed many business applications the further enhance the office workflow and productivity requirements of many.

Pin Point Scan 3 is one of many business applications that Kyocera has brought to market. For a full listing of the offerings, please visit this page. As always, if there are any further questions we are always here to help. Feel free to contact us!

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