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Optimizing Your Printer Fleet for Greater Efficiency

If you own or manage a large business or workforce, you don’t want to worry about printing costs or whether your printer fleet is as efficient as it should be. 

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Some printers may need to be utilized, outdated, or unused, while others may be overworked, putting pressure on maintenance. The result? 

If you have a large printer fleet, you want to increase efficiency, speed up workflows, and boost your profits by reducing costs. Here’s how you can do all of this by optimizing your printer fleet

Are your current print processes as efficient as they could be? 

Before optimizing your printer fleet, you need to assess the current situation. This will help you identify improvement opportunities and ensure that any changes are well-informed.

The crucial questions to ask here are:

  • How many printers and multifunction printers do you have? Assess this number over all your business locations. 
  • Are all the printers located together or scattered throughout the building?
  • How many people use each printer?
  • What kinds of documents does your business need to print, including graphics, photos, or color documents?
  • Are there particular brands or models that get used more or less?

By clearly understanding your current print environment, you can identify areas that require improvement and implement changes to enhance productivity and reduce printing costs.

Understanding your monthly print expenses is critical.

Inefficiencies can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Knowing what your printer fleet costs you monthly is crucial to optimization. It is essential to analyze all costs, including ink, toner, and paper costs as well as the cost of maintenance and your device leasing costs.

Streamline your fleet to what your business needs.

Understanding how your staff uses your printers and multifunction devices can help you make the right decisions to optimize your fleet according to business needs. This means choosing the appropriate instruments and configuring them to suit your organization’s requirements. 

After assessing your print processes and understanding your printing needs, it’s time to streamline your fleet. You can remove outdated devices, consolidate multiple devices into a single multifunction printer, and deploy devices in optimal locations. 

Trust the experts to optimize your fleet.

Ameritechnology offers a managed print service solution designed to help you streamline and optimize your print operations, so you don’t have to waste time worrying about what your printer fleet is costing you. We take the hassle out of managing your printer maintenance, leases, and printer fleet services by putting them all under one easy-to-manage roof. 

If you want to reduce spending and optimize your printer fleet, contact Ameritechnology today. 

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