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Nonprofit Copier Purchasing

Copier purchasing for non-profit organizations

Are you responsible for nonprofit copier purchasing? Did you know that many of the manufacturers have teamed up with 3rd party organizations to bring these types of organizations the best possible pricing?


Here’s a brief overview of how nonprofit copier purchasing works:

More often than not, these are negotiated contracts to a particular State or buying union. The entity goes out to bid and promises the manufacturers a commitment of X number of machines. The bid process is initiated and competitive quotes are negotiated between multiple vendors. These quotes are monitored by professional procurement agents that have in fact purchased copiers and office equipment understanding all the ins and outs of the process. Once a deal is executed, then an agreement is signed and the pricing has now been set.

In an effort to achieve the equipment quota, the buying union will now permit the inclusion of other states and nonprofit organizations to take part in the savings. Normally these contracts are based on a 500+ unit commitment, so as you can see, being a small non –profit with the buying power of a major purchaser will enable you to get the best deal. The added benefit to purchasing from one of these pre-negotiated deals is that there is NO haggling necessary. All of the difficult work and pricing has been taken to task by the professionals.

In order to maximize a competitive price you should contact an authorized copier dealer and make sure that they understand that the purchase/lease will be made for a non-profit or government agency. There will more than likely be a “vetting” process but if the credentials are in place, there should be no issues qualifying for these deep discounts.

Don’t forget to also ask about discounted service plans. Many times the contract also includes all-inclusive customized service contracts that will also be presented with equally attractive purchase discounts. Most copier reps are not familiar with these programs. Truth be known, their profit margin is very slim and they tend to not want to chase the business. Working with a reputable dealer, one that understands all the programs and is will to go the extra mile for a non-profit organization could be your best asset.

To find out more about our non-profit programs, contact us today and we’ll take the time to explain how we can save you thousands.

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