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Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Canon PROGRAF Printers

A Canon PROGRAF printer is a brilliant printer- it is easy to use and prints beautifully. However, as with any other printer, it may sometimes be difficult to get your pictures to print exactly the way you want them. Read on to find out more about mistakes to avoid in order to get the best print possible. 


Choosing the Wrong Paper Profiles

Before you start printing, it is important to ensure that you have chosen the correct International Color Consortium (ICC) profile. The ICC holds information for the printer to print accurate and correct colors on different types of paper. Different types of papers also require different amounts of ink to reflect a certain color accurately. If you choose the wrong ICC profile, the color of your image may come out different from what you expect it to be. Hence, it is important that you ensure you have chosen the right paper profile.

You Did Not Calibrate the Screen and Monitor Brightness on the Canon PROGRAF

If you want the printed colors of your images to be accurate, it is important to calibrate your monitor and screen brightness. This helps the tones and colors to be displayed accurately, so that the printed colors are similar to what you can see on screen. When people purchase screens, they are usually at 100% by default, and many people reduce the brightness when they print things. Reducing the screen brightness can help to ensure the brightness is at an appropriate level. However, it is still essential to calibrate the screen to ensure the colors come out correctly. If you often print things, consider re-calibrating your monitor brightness and screen monthly.

There are Problems with Competing Software

If you want to get the best printed quality from your Canon PROGRAF printer, consider using additional plug-ins like the Professional Print & Layout or the Print Studio Pro. If you print straight from Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, you may run into problems. There may be compatibility issues with the printer driver which makes it difficult to print the colors you want.

You Did Not Soft Proof Your Pictures

By soft-proofing your pictures with Canon’s additional plug-ins, you will be able to get a simulation of how your image will appear on printed paper. If you do not soft proof your pictures before printing, there is a chance that your pictures will turn out differently from what you expect. Consider using Print Studio Pro or Professional Print & Layout to soft proof your pictures and images before you print them.

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