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Managed IT Services Agreement

What is a Managed IT Services Agreement?

Should my company invest in a Managed IT Services?


These are the questions we seem to hear more and more lately. In this segment we’ll answer some of the most frequent questions, explain the differences in a customized managed IT services contract, and help you decide if this is right for you!

First, what is Managed IT Services? In its most simplistic form, it is a service contract for all of your network computers and connected devices.  Sounds simple right? A true professional managed service provider will tell you it’s not really that simple. Think for a moment how many devices are really involved in keeping your business up and operational. You have computers (desktop and servers), routers and switches, input devices (scanners and barcode readers), output devices (copiers, MFP’s, and printers), not to mention the BYOD and CAT cable topography to connect all of these devices.  Also, let’s not forget about anti-spyware, anti-virus and backup solutions either.

Once you figure out everything that is actually a part of your network, now you need a way to manage it all. This is the point where you might want to contact a Managed IT Services partner? A true professional has the tools to scan your network, find all of the devices that are being utilized (yes, even that little PC in the warehouse that runs the shipping program), and be able to give you a “snapshot” of your LAN/WLAN. During the exploratory phase a master plan can be devised, short comings can be identified and any concerns may be addressed.

Your prospective partner may now also ask what your short and long term goals are for your infrastructure. This is important! The more accurate you can convey these current and future plans, the more accurate your future managed IT provider can assess the right solution. Spending money is never fun; however making a small upfront investment could save thousands of dollars down the road.

Next, do I really need a Managed IT Services provider? Well, this really comes down to how well you like to sleep at night! Forget for a minute all of those devices we spoke about earlier and let me ask you this one VERY important question: “Do you have a business disaster plan in affect?” If you walked into your office tomorrow and nothing worked, or there was a flood, or maybe a fire, what would you do? Managing a tragedy, attempting to continue operations and rebuilding would destroy most businesses. What if a “virtual” network with ALL of your data could be back up and operational in a matter of hours? Would that ease the burden? I say yes!

As we should, we would hope you cruise through your business life and never experience such a tragedy, and if that’s the case you still need someone to manage all of those devices. One cohesive plan that is flexible enough to add and subtract equipment and make adjustments “on the fly” to keep your network up and running in a healthy manner, essentially a price-per- device model that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Want to find out more? Contact us today for a fee no obligation assessment of your network.

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