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Law Firm recuperates thousands in lost revenue using PaperCut

A northern New Jersey law firm was able to recuperate thousands of dollars in lost revenue while reducing overhead at the same time simply by using a combination of Kyocera MFP’s, printers and PaperCut MF™.

This situation of rising output costs combined with the lack in ability to track their output usage sparked a consultative meeting to potentially come up with a better way.  Taking the time to completely understand their document output requirements was the first mission. Looking into the daily workflow process and how they utilized office technology helped to better understand how a solution could be prepared.

Law Firm recuperates

The Problem:

This large NJ law firm with 30+ years in business was stuck in 1980. They weren’t leveraging modern day office technologies to improve their daily workflow while simultaneously tracking client usage. It was determined that the average portfolio was producing more than 1,000 sheets of paper that weren’t being invoiced back to the client. While utilizing connected devices, the backend systems had no possible way to track this usage and therefore no way to recoup any document costs. A nominal fee was assessed, but by no means came close to cover the costs to produce documents much less the labor.

The Solution:

Providing the client with brand new Kyocera office equipment in conjunction with embedded PaperCut MF™ software solution allowed the firm to not only track their usage, but also bill for that usage ACCURATELY. Being able to produce quality reports that outlined what was produced, a realistic cost per page the clients were now being invoiced for their usage. With this simple solution in place the firm’s employees were able to utilize client codes at the walkup devices as well as directly from their print drivers. When it wasn’t appropriate to charge back a client, additional codes were supplied to each user which had the added benefit of creating accountability for their output.

The Benefit:

By taking outdated equipment out of the rotation and placing new technology in its place not only increased reliability, it improved daily workflow. With the addition of the new equipment the service and supply costs were also reduced. Being able to install systems that actually are more economical than their current costs all while increasing technology was pivotal to the senior partners.  The added benefit and deal closer was when they realized that their office equipment would actually be generating an income rather than an expense.

Ameritechnology is a Papercut reseller

This NJ Law Firm’s incumbent vendor was satisfied with offering a solution that just replaced old with new. Never looking at what could be done to not only improve the work environment but also generating real revenue. From day one they were able to see the benefit of this solution and have now committed to adding additional equipment and software solutions as the practice grows. By utilizing these new technologies the firm will continue to flourish in this very competitive marketplace.

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