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Kyocera Teaching Assistant | Product Spotlight

Teaching Assistant by Kyocera

Kyocera Teaching Assistant has revolutionized the process of testing in both primary and higher education settings. We are all familiar with those “bubble” test cards that we were issued in order to make test taking and moreover test grading a simpler process. With the Teaching Assistant APP by Kyocera, teachers have the capability to process a multi-question test sheet, an answer key, and reports that reveal valuable information.


Whether it’s a 10 question quiz or 100+ question exams, Kyocera Teaching Assistant can handle the task. Each educator is given access to the powerful test engine that lies resident at the MFP and by inputting the required number of questions, and even being able to leave enough space for “essay” type questions, forms can be printed on demand.

Taking things a step further, an answer key can be generated scanned into the machine for test grading. It’s as easy as scanning the test sheets into the machine, as it will be compared to the answer key and grades are then assigned. Once the grading is preformed there are also many reports that can be run to determine the “most missed” question, as well as the “most correctly answered” question, giving the teacher the ability to assess the curriculum effectiveness. At this point, if there are any areas of concern or areas that need to be re-addressed the educator has the power of information.

Kyocera Teaching Assistant also integrates with many of the education software packages on the market that make posting grades and attendance more streamlined. Being able to print the “bubble” forms on plain white paper also is a great cost savings. No more generic printed cards with either too many question spaces or not enough will be a thing of the past.

By combining two technologies, you can eliminate hardware, no need for pre-printed cards, and be able to test on the fly without the worries of extra steps. Both cost reduction and test efficiency will go a long way to streamlining your school’s processes.

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