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Product Spotlight | PinPoint Scan Review

PinPoint Scan Review

Are you looking for a scanning solution that requires minimal intervention by your IT professionals?


PinPoint Scan by Kyocera is definitely for you!

Kyocera has designed a business solution app that takes the mystery out of setting up your copier/MFP to scan. No longer do you need to worry about those confusing IT terms such as SMTP, SMB, FTP, DNS, etc. With Pinpoint Scan, the end user has the ability to install a small program to their local PC or MAC based system and in a couple of clicks be ready to scan. By choosing a unique PIN code the Kyocera scan system will identify your computer on the network and based on the initial settings, place documents in your predefined folders or queue them for emailing.

Here are some additional highlights:

PinPoint Scan by Kyocera

  • Highly secure with PIN or optional proximity card protection, MFP and file access restrictions, as well as SSL-encrypted communication
  • User-selectable scan settings enable users to manage image type, orientation, resolution, etc.
  • Highly secure with PIN or optional proximity card protection
  • Supports PDF files

Get the Datasheet

Don’t let confusing setup procedures inhibit the way you want to scan documents. Take the work out of setups, routine network configuration changes, and free up your IT professionals for the more important work. To find out more or schedule a demonstration of this unique product, please feel free to contact me.

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