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Kyocera Evolution Series available in the US market

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Kyocera announces the release of the Evolution Series of MFP’s.

The new Evolution Series MFP will make its debut later this month. We can look forward to some exciting new enhancements from previous models. Kyocera Document Solutions, USA has announced that they will soon be delivering this new series of A3 MFP’s to the US marketplace.

Why Evolution?

Today’s workplace is dynamic and the Evolution Series is up to the challenge. Kyocera has brought to market a more scalable, secure, and efficient system without sacrificing any of the quality or productivity of earlier models. You could certainly make the argument they took what “just worked” and made the enhancements necessary on an already successful product.

Evolution Series Highlights:

  1. Enhanced Cloud Integration: The Kyocera Evolution Series can be integrated into cloud platforms with ease. This allows businesses to manage their documents directly with technology. Standard with tools like scan-to-folder, documents can be easily stored in cloud platforms for secure information integration.
  2. Workflow Optimization: Evolution allows for precise workflows with automatic routing and custom processes to streamline how offices manage their documents. This series also provides complete workflow integration thanks to the Kyocera Evolution Series’ improved HyPAS Technology.
  3. Stay in control with Kyocera Fleet Services: Kyocera Fleet Services allows both office staff and technicians to remotely monitor devices. This will reduce downtime and on-site visits. Predicting device issues and resolving them before they happen makes this feature a game-changer for busy offices.
  4. Evolution of technology: The Evolution Series reflects the absolute best in new innovation. Kyocera has incorporated the latest in AI technology to help improve the way businesses share documents. The Super Resolution feature easily converts your lower resolution photos and images to higher output images. This makes poor image quality a thing of the past. Also by adding a new Handwriting Enhancement feature, handwritten portions of documents can be enhanced without the inconvenience of changing file types.
  5. Speed License Upgrade Concept: Speed License Upgrades are designed to help minimize the need for multiple models, accessories, and parts. This gives the dealer community added flexibility to offer quality products without speed limitations.
    The Speed License Upgrade process starts with a Base model MFP which can be upgraded to a faster speed at any time prior to final installation simply by ordering a license key.

Closing thoughts…

As I’m sure you can tell, the new Evolution Series of MFP’s have been well thought out for today’s new office standards. By combining ease of use and technology enhancements, Kyocera has developed a real office technology beast. We look forward to the release of future models to both the B&W and Color lineup. Knowing Kyocera’s desire to help build the office of tomorrow, I’m sure we can look forward to many more great office technology advancements. Stay tuned.

Find out more about the Evolution Series from Ameritechnology.

The new Kyocera TASKalfa 2554ci and 3554ci Evolution Series will be available later this month and Ameritechnology is proud to offer these innovative products to New Jersey and Southern New York clients. As a fully authorized Kyocera dealer, we are the right choice. To get more information about Kyocera and the products we offer, please contact us today!

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