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Kyocera bolsters green initiative with new TASKalfa series

Kyocera bolsters green initiative with TASKalfa 3252ci series.

Kyocera Document Solutions has once again shown its commitment to “going green” with the new TA3252ci and TA2552ci MFP line. By incorporating innovative toner replenishment safeguards and putting expended toner cartridges to good use, this latest technology is sure to please both the dealer community and the end users alike.


Kyocera will be using a new system that “locks” toner cartridges in place and cannot be removed until the entire cartridge is empty. Why is this so important? First, to the end user community, it prevents the premature replacement of color toner. So often when color output devices call for a toner replacement it has been difficult knowing exactly which color is depleted leading to a complete exchange of all of the cartridges in a single instance. This is not only a waste of expensive toner, but also leads to creating an environmental hazard by leaving unused toner in each cartridge. If you pay for toner this can get expensive very quickly! Think about filling the gas tank on your car and every time the gas gauge hits the midway point, siphoning off the remainder and refilling again.  What was $2.50 a gallon has now become $5.00 a gallon because you’ve paid for something you never used. The authorized dealers are also happy to see this technology emerge. When so much of contract profit and loss is dependent on complete utilization of each toner cartridge, they no longer have to fear customers replacing them too soon.  This will allow for even more customized contracts to be brought to market. It really is a win-win for all.

The second manner in which Kyocera bolsters green initiative was a piece of design genius. The engineers figured out a way to use the emptied black toner cartridges and re-use it as a waste toner receptacle. The beauty in this engineering marvel is we now have a plastic container that when full becomes a place for the machine to draw toner, and once emptied can be reinserted into the machine to collect any waste. Having this dual purpose cartridge will not only reduce the amount of space needed in your supply closets, it will more importantly reduce the amount of plastic waste from needing two separate containers for your device.

With all of the concern over the environment and attempting to reduce our ecological footprint, Kyocera bolsters green initiatives with their new product line and continues to be mindful of the environment. Having a manufacturer that cares enough to make plans on how their by-products will affect this earth is not only good business, it’s the responsible choice to protect the next generation.

To learn more about the new Kyocera TASKalfa product line, you may contact us or your nearest authorized Kyocera dealer.

Kyocera bolsters green initiative!

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