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Kyocera announces 31 new MFP’s and 6 new business applications

Kyocera Document Solutions, USA announces new products to their MFP and Solutions product lines.

Kicking off their FY ’17 dealer show on May 16, 2016 Kyocera Document Solutions, USA have announced 31 new to market MFP’s (copier) engines along with 6 new Business applications from their software solutions department.

Kyocera announces 31 new MFP’s and 6 new business applications

16 New A4 and Printer engines:

With the A4 segment of the industry taking off, Kyocera has hedged its bet by introducing 16 of the 31 new units in this realm. Speeds of 27 to 42 PPM will be offered along with standard Wi-Fi capabilities, a 4.3 inch touch screen, and an optional dual scan document processor on select units. Taking what is already a strong A4 lineup and adding these additional units will solidify Kyocera’s continued commitment to a complete product line.

15 New A3 engines:

Building on the already successful and dependable A3 product line, Kyocera has refreshed the lineup with 15 new MFP (copier) engines from 25 – 80 PPM that will now boast these standard features:

  1. 1200dpi at full engine speed
  2. Standard Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. NFC with Wi-Fi direct
  4. Increased maintenance volumes with shorter labor times

6 New Software Solution Applications:

Kyocera has never been satisfied offering just a quality hardware solution, they have always added the right software solutions to couple with the entire workflow efficiency. These are “home grown” solutions that are developed and coded by Kyocera, not a third party design that might not be supported in the coming years. We can look forward to greater productivity, cost control, and securing scanning apps to hit the market as the new hardware rolls out over the next few months.

Kyocera’s commitment to bring quality products to market is never wavering. They continue to produce products that are not only budget friendly, but will increase office productivity which will further any cost savings.

To learn more about these exciting new products and how they can help your business, please contact us today or simply fill out this easy to use quote form.

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