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KIP 7170K Toner Cartridge Replacement Best Practices

If you are wondering how to replace the toner cartridge of your KIP 7170K printer, we give you a step-by-step guide in this article. 


How Often Do Toners Need Changing?

Your toner can need changing as often as every few weeks depending on the print volume of your business. Depending on the purpose of your printouts –  such as whether they are for office use only or to be distributed to customers – you may use a toner until it has completely depleted, however the last few prints will be streaky or discolored. If that is unacceptable, you will need to change your toner before it has run out completely. 

Toner Empty Sign

You will know if your KIP 7170K printer has run out of toner as the “Toner Empty” sign will be displayed on the screen. In addition, if an incorrect toner or no toner has been inserted, the “Toner Empty” sign will be on as well. Some initial toner powders will be supplied following the purchase and installation of your printer, hence you can expect the first installed toner to run out faster than usual. 

Removing the Existing Toner Cartridge

Now that you have established the toner of your KIP 7170K needs replacing, here’s how to remove the existing cartridge to make room for the new one: 

  • Open the toner hatch and unlock the toner cartridge by sliding the green lever. You can tell if the toner cartridge has been successfully unlocked by checking if the green level has shifted to the right. 
  • Press down on the cartridge lock lever and turn the body of the cartridge inwards until it stops.
  • Still pressing down on the lock lever, bring up the left side of the toner cartridge before removing the entire cartridge from the compartment.

Inserting the New Toner Cartridge

After removing the used cartridge, the next step would be to insert the new one into the toner compartment: 

  • Before inserting it, shake the new cartridge left and right at least 5 times to distribute the contents evenly. Hold the cartridge tilting downwards on the cap side.
  • While pressing down on the lock lever, direct the toner supply hole towards the floor.
  • Fit the pin on the left side of the cartridge into the groove on the printer. Ensure that the cartridge is locked by checking if it is level with the lock lever.
  • Turn the cartridge outwards to open up the toner supply hole.
  • Close the toner hatch. You have successfully replaced the toner cartridge of your KIP 7170K printer.

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