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Is the Fax Machine Dead?

While emails rule the digital landscape, there are millions of people who still use fax machines on a daily basis. The number of purchases may be dwindling, but there is still a need for fax machines in many offices. Keep reading to learn why the fax machine is definitely NOT dead.


In 2005 there were roughly 20 million fax machines sold. Today there are only roughly several million terminals sold. According to Nicolas Cintre, deputy director in France for Japanese company Brother, “sales are dropping regularly due to emails, but the market is far from disappearing.” There have been many claims that the fax machine is dead, but that looks to be wrong.

Faxes are heavily used by realtors, lawyers, doctors and the banking industry. This is common because these areas often require signatures. Fax machines are imperative when it comes to confidentiality and security, which is especially important in the medical field because of federal regulations.

Smartphones and tablets allow us to communicate on the go. These devices are primarily popular with the younger generation. Many older people still prefer the fax machine because they have spent the majority of their careers using them in the workplace. This segment of the population has been a driving point in keeping the fax machine alive.

The stand-alone fax machine is on the decline. Partly because fax capabilities are being added to all-in-one machines. This is both convenient and takes up less space in the office. Just like data, faxes have gone to the cloud. There are hundreds of cloud faxing services that allow for faxes to be attached to email communication.

We still sell fax machines and have a wide line of all-in-one printers that have fax capability. Contact me today to learn  about our fax machines, copier leasing and our customized service contracts. We will create a support package that’s right for your business. Contact me today to learn more about our products and and services.

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