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Interactive Whiteboards Can Boost Remote Learning During COVID-19

With the onset of COVID-19, educational institutions have moved at least some – if not all – of their teaching online. While this may work sufficiently well for classroom-based university lectures, the same cannot always be said for the younger set. Even university students experience their fair share of problems with online classes such as the lack of discussion and interaction with classmates. However, technology has never failed to amaze us and it certainly isn’t going to start now – interactive whiteboards are a good supporting tool for remote learning, especially among the younger ones.


How Interactive Whiteboards Work

Connecting its display surface to a projector as well as a computer, users can see the images shown on the computer on the whiteboard’s surface with the help of the projector. Users can interact directly with the display with the use of a mouse or even their finger, depending on how the device works. 

Boost Interaction and Keep Students Engaged 

There’s a reason teaching styles vary so drastically at university and grade school level. Grade school students simply don’t have the same attention spans as older students and if you are going to conduct a class “lecture style”, you can bet many of them will become disengaged before long. Fortunately, with interactive whiteboards and displays, students can participate in classes much in the same way as they would in a traditional classroom. Some features of interactive whiteboards include:

  • Downloadable graphics such as graphs and charts and even educational videos.
  • Participative handheld devices which allow students to “vote” or select an option, with the ability to see how the rest of their classmates answered.
  • A variety of features such as customizable web interfaces, drag-and-drop applications and more. 

Tips for Teachers and Educators 

While the novelty of using interactive whiteboards may keep students engaged, teachers need to exercise the right level of moderation between fun and education. It would do to keep the following in mind:

  • Minimize the amount of text on the display. Essential information can be imparted verbally or through collaborative activities.
  • Use participative handheld devices to start discussions about why an answer is right or wrong.
  • Ensure that students do not get so distracted by the novelty of the technology that more focus is placed on it over the content of the lesson.

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