The legal industry is constantly evolving. Many firms are now experiencing increased competition from both traditional and non-traditional legal service providers, resulting in higher client expectations, regulation challenges, and threats of security breaches that may compromise confidential client information. At Ameritechnology, we specialize in a wide range of office equipment and maintenance services that will help to bring your firm to greater heights and enhance performance. 

About the Legal Industry

All modern law firms utilize technology in their operations. Attorneys are usually extremely busy and consistently require a huge number of professional documents, which is why it is important for all law firms to have well-functioning and up-to-date office equipment.


Ameritechnology Services for the Legal Industry

Copier Leasing: If you are looking to lease copiers instead of purchasing one, Ameritechnology can help. 

Document Management: Legal firms rely on data to make informed and timely decisions externally and internally. Ameritechnology can help with various aspects such as creating an integrated records management for documents, which will allow your business to flow smoother and enhance efficiency. 

Printer Fleet Maintenance: With our managed print services solution, it will help you reduce the hassle of running your firm’s copier maintenance and leases, ink and toner subscription processes, and printer fleet services by placing them under one umbrella – a vendor, invoice, and contact to manage all of them. 

Office Computer Services: At Ameritechnology, we have the industry expertise and trained technicians to provide the support and services required for your firm’s network to continue being a revenue-enabling and data-generating tool. 

Subscriptions for Ink, Toner, and Other Consumables: Ameritechnology’s goal is to provide our customers with one-on-one service so as to ensure that our products and services will create value for them and allow their businesses to operate at optimal efficiency. 

Managed Print Services: Our managed print services is an example of our long-term promise and commitment to supporting the industry-leading Sharp and Kyocera products we sell with premium copier maintenance as well as printer fleet and services that will ensure your firm is running efficiently. 

Hosted PBX and VoIP: With Ameritechnology, you will receive a platform that makes use of modern features with enterprise capabilities, future proofs your communication system, and provides reliable and superior cloud-based solutions. 

Managing IT Security: At Ameritechnology, we specialize in managing IT security for firms, such as creating multi-factor authentication, email security, and employee awareness training. 

Why Should Legal Firms Work with Ameritechnology?

With more than 30 years of experience working with a variety of different firms, Ameritechnology continues to be a trusted and qualified advisor to our legions of customers who depend on our business acumen and experience to suggest and recommend strategies that will enhance operational efficiencies and increase the speed of workflow. When you work with us, you will be entitled to timely and responsive customer service, time and cost savings, technology expertise, direct access to the upper management, and a personalized plan to your office equipment needs.

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We Have Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Maintenance Of Copiers And Office Computers, Ink And Toner Subscriptions, And Custom Service Agreements

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