Ameritechnology offers clients a wide variety of printing equipment and solutions that can facilitate the creation of documents, storage, distribution, maintenance, and more! Whether you are looking to develop an automated document system or increase the efficiency of your workload, our team of IT specialists will implement and upgrade your existing system through a series of complementary technologies. With the help of our superior printing equipment, we are certain that your tasks at hand will be completed efficiently to ensure that your healthcare services can be taken to the next level.

About the Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, the exchange of crucial information among doctors, nurses, and patients is constant. Healthcare professionals typically rely on printing, scanning, and sending documents through management systems to ensure that this information can be relayed smoothly while keeping up to date with a patient’s current situation. For instance, patients who have scheduled appointments at a clinic will expect the visiting process to be quick and hassle-free. By managing these documents with our advanced printing solutions, healthcare professionals will be equipped with the necessary documents beforehand. This will certainly ensure a smooth and efficient consultation process. 


Ameritechnology Services for the Healthcare Industry

Copier Leasing: From high-speed copiers to compact printers, Ameritechnology has a full array of copier machines available for lease.

Document Management: Whether you require shared documents in real-time, scanned images or to print urgent information, our team of experts can implement a series of document management systems according to your requirements.

Printer Fleet Maintenance: Ameritechnology is here to ensure that your printer and office equipment are serviced and well-maintained to prevent any major breakdowns. 

Office Computer Services: Our trained IT experts are here to provide computer services that optimize the workflow and efficiency of your healthcare services.

Subscriptions for Ink, Toner, and Other Consumables: When it comes to ink and toners, Ameritechnology carries a range of OEM and compatible supplies for most models.

Managed Print Services: Our team at Ameritechnology ensures that your printing operations are optimized to ensure increased productivity and efficient workflow.

Hosted PBX and VoIP: We provide top quality PBX and VoIP technology solutions that can not only help improve communications but improve workflow in our client’s healthcare company.

Managing IT Security: Our IT experts will develop customized IT solutions that can protect your office systems from external threats such as viruses, malware, and other suspicious activities.

Why Should Healthcare Agencies Work with Ameritechnology?

Whether you are in the market for printers, copiers, or IT network solutions, Ameritechnology is here to provide you with some of the finest maintenance and support for your document application needs. For more than 30 years, our team of IT experts has been providing our clients with the necessary sales and support for their office equipment. From equipment leasing to printer fleet management, document management to copier ink and toner subscriptions, our technicians will work closely with you to ensure a customized printing solution for your healthcare business.

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We Have Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Maintenance Of Copiers And Office Computers, Ink And Toner Subscriptions, And Custom Service Agreements

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