Rapid technological advances are causing traditional models of teaching and education to evolve and the desire to do more with less is becoming the norm today. At Ameritechnology, we can help you to maximize your funds spent on document management, printing, and technology infrastructure. We provide a variety of office equipment and maintenance services that will allow you to provide more value for the students.

About the Education Industry

Teachers today depend on technology for almost everything, from taking attendance to presenting lesson slides. Hence, a modern classroom needs the most reliable and advanced technology in the market to improve the efficiency in educational institutions. That being said, education office equipment is playing an increasingly important role in a modern classroom setting.


Ameritechnology Services for the Education Industry

Copier Leasing: With our copier leasing services, you can save a significant amount of cost, especially in maintaining the equipment. 

Document Management: Data and documents are the key to making good business decisions. Ameritechnology can assist you with transforming your business network to a well-managed data-driven machine while increasing efficiencies at the same time. 

Printer Fleet Maintenance: At Ameritechnology, we provide a managed print services solution, specially designed to allow you to enhance the level of productivity, reduce your expenses, and boost your printing operations. 

Office Computer Services: We have over 30 years of providing IT management and office management solutions and network-maintenance for mid-size enterprises, as well as small businesses in New York and New Jersey. 

Subscriptions for Ink, Toner, and Other Consumables: At Ameritechnology, we understand that all businesses, even those in the same industry, have unique ways of operating. Hence, we provide personalized printer service contracts to meet the specific needs of every customer. 

Managed Print Services: With our managed print services solution, you will enjoy reduced printing costs and full management of your current printer fleet services. 

Hosted PBX and VoIP: Businesses today rely on hosted VoIP and PBX technology solutions to improve the quality of communication while enhancing productivity in the enterprise. Ameritechnology can assist you with this. 

Managing IT Security: Ameritechnology provides a wide range of services to help you in managing IT security, such as employee awareness training, email security, and multi-factor authentication. For instance, multi-factor authentication refers to utilizing more than a type of information to identify and verify an account holder to a system before allowing access to it. 

Why Should Educational Institutions Work with Ameritechnology?

At Ameritechnology, we have over 30 years of experience in working with network maintenance, ink and toner fleet management, as well as office printers. Our team is dedicated to providing essential sales and support for each and every customer’s office equipment needs. If you engage our services, rest assured that you are in safe hands as we are committed to creating a customized and personalized plan to all your office equipment needs.

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We Have Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Maintenance Of Copiers And Office Computers, Ink And Toner Subscriptions, And Custom Service Agreements

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