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How To Troubleshoot Common Problems With Your Kyocera ECOSYS 3645IDN

Do you own a Kyocera ECOSYS 3645IDN printer? If you have run into some common problems while using it, you are not alone. There are many easy and effective ways of troubleshooting these problems by yourself. We share with you some tips in this guide.


Black Spots on Scans and Copies With Kyocera ECOSYS 3645IDN

Have you noticed mysterious black splotches on your scans and copies but not your printouts? This points to a problem with the scanner. When dirt has had the chance to accumulate on the scanner glass, black spots are the result. Thankfully, resolving this problem is relatively straightforward. Simply lift the cover of your ECOSYS 3645IDN to access the scanner glass and spray it with a non-abrasive glass cleaner. After wiping thoroughly with a soft piece of cloth, dib a cotton swab in glass cleaner to remove dirt from the corners.

Streaks and Missing Prints on Printouts

Conversely, if you are facing the opposite problem where there are streaks or missing spots on your printouts, this points towards a leaking or almost empty toner cartridge. To resolve the problem, remove the cartridges from the printer and set it down on some paper towels or cloths. If the cartridge is found to be leaking, remove it at once. Continued usage can contaminate the paper path of your ECOSYS 3645IDN and lead to higher costs of damage in the long run.

If the cartridges look fine, you will want to clean them. This can be done by dipping the metal part into a bowl of warm water before drying with a soft cloth. Any dried ink reside can be removed with a cotton swab that has been dipped in warm water.

No Response When Sending A Print Job

If your ECOSYS 3645IDN seems to be working well in all other aspects but you get no response when sending a print job, the first thing to check is the cable that connects your printer to your computer. Remove it from both ends before reconnecting it. If you are still not getting a response, shut down both the printer and computer. Then, restart both devices and try again. 

You may also want to check the power source of your printer, whether it is plugged in directly to a socket or through an extension. If it is plugged into an extension, re-plug it into a socket before attempting another print job.

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