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How To Get Your Macbook And Canon Printer To Work Together

If you are new to both your Canon Printer and Mac, you may be wondering how you should connect your Canon printer to your Macbook. Read on to find out more about tips to connect your printer to the Macbook.


Connecting Your Canon Printer to Your Macbook

The method to connect your Canon printer to a Mac depends on what Canon printer you have. Before you connect it to your Mac, it must be connected to the wifi first. Here are the steps you should take to connect the printer to the Macbook.

First, open the Airport Utility function. This can be found in the utility folder of your Mac. Then, you will need to choose your base station. After you have selected it, key in the password. From the menu bar, you will need to add your WPS printer.

Click either “First try” or “Pin” in order to permit the WPS connection. Then, press “Continue”. If you had previously clicked on the “First Try” option, press the WPS button once more. Once you see that the Macbook’s address of the printer is reflected in the Airport Utility, you can proceed to click done and quit the airport. Now, access system preferences, and click on “printers and scanners”. You should then tap on the plus sign (+). Select the default tab, and then allow the Mac to find the printer in order to connect to wifi. Then, select the Canon printer and press Add now.

This should help you connect your Canon printer to your Macbook. You can also install the Canon printer on your Macbook. Read on to find out how.

Installing the Canon printer on the Macbook

Installing the Canon printer on the Macbook is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow.

Firstly, you should load the printer with paper and ink and connect the printer to the Mac according to the steps above. Ensure that the printer is turned on. On your Mac, launch system preferences through the Apple menu or by pressing on the icon. Then, click on “Printers and scanners”. Take a look at the status of your printer. Is it listed in the preference pane in the sidebar of the printer list? If you see that it has an “idle” status, it is ready to use. However, if you do not seem to find it on the list, click on the plus sign (+). It can be found at the bottom of the printer. Then, in the Add window, select the default tab. Choose the printer name. You can edit the information such as the driver, location and name of it. To finish the installation process, just click on the “Add” button. Your printer should then be installed on your Mac.

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